Bank of America credit card application under review

Nowadays, a credit card is a requirement, as it is impossible to conduct transactions without one. A credit card application can be approved within minutes after submitting the relevant paperwork to a bank or credit card company. However, they occasionally reject applications that do not meet the essential standards. All of this takes only a few moments. However, banks typically require more time to evaluate the application, as is the case with Bank of America credit cards. Therefore, if you’re wondering why your Bank of America credit card application is being reviewed, read on.

Here’s your answer: Occasionally, banks or lenders require additional time to check an application, or information on credit reports does not match application data, or the bank may have a high volume of applications.

Let’s learn more about this in depth and what possible options there are.

What does it imply for a credit card to be in the’review’ or ‘pending’ status?

The majority of banks approve credit cards in ’60 seconds.’ However, for a variety of reasons, an application may be placed on’review’ or ‘pending.’

There is no reason to be concerned, and it does not imply that you will not receive permission. Banks often respond to ‘under review’ applications within 2-4 weeks and deliver a final decision.

How long does it take for a credit card application to be reviewed?

Typically, it takes only a few minutes to learn if you have been accepted or denied for a credit card. Additionally, if you are approved, you will have access to perform online. A real card, on the other hand, takes longer to access.

In certain instances, the credit card application is reviewed and it takes around 30 days to learn the final status, which is either acceptance or denial.

There might be a variety of causes for the lengthy evaluation period and application under review.

The following are the reasons why my Bank of America credit card application is being reviewed:

It is quite unusual for an application to be reviewed and take an extended period of time to receive a final status. The following are the most often occurring reasons for this:

1) The application information is not identical to the information included in the credit report.

Banks or lenders compare credit report data to application data in order to determine credit ratings, history, and personal information. When you input incorrect personal information or alter your address inadvertently, your application may be reviewed.

Following that, the bank will call you to verify the information.

2) Restriction on Credit Card Applications

Each bank has its own set of regulations and limits regarding credit card applications. If you breach the regulations, it is doubtful that you will receive permission or have your application reviewed. The following are the policies of several banks:

Bank of America’s 24-month rule: Each 24-month period, no more than one new Bank of America credit card may be applied for.
Chase 5/24 Rule: To qualify for the best Chase credit cards, you cannot have previously opened more than five credit cards with any bank.

3) Fraud Prevention

Even if you apply for many cards in a single day and there are no discrepancies between your application and your credit history, lenders may suspect that someone else is attempting to obtain credit in your name.

As a consequence, banks can either contact you or you can contact them directly to request a new credit card.

At the absolute least, your ‘pending’ application will be accepted within minutes.

4) Income Verification

If the bank does not instantly accept your card request, you may be required to show verification of your income. In this case, the bank may require a copy of your most recent tax return before to processing your ‘pending’ application.

If you’re asking for a small business card, the bank may want additional information regarding the type of your firm.

5) Issues with Credit Reports

Even if your credit score is 700 or above, your application may be delayed or under review. It occurs as a result of an excessive amount of loans and credit or as a result of a bankruptcy filed eight years ago.

One reason you should verify the correctness of your credit report on a frequent basis is to avoid situations like these.

6) An excessive number of credit card applications

Banks may get overloaded if a popular special offer with a short expiration date proves to be very popular. As a result, they may place your application in pending status to allow themselves additional time to review it.

What should you do if your application is being considered?

You will most likely receive the final status within 2-4 weeks. However, if you want instant confirmation of the situation, you should call Bank of America. You may inquire about the status of your application by calling 1 (800) 732-9194 if you have not received a response within 30 days.

If you are unable to verify the progress of your application for our Bank of America credit card, you may do so here.

Apart from this, you should continually monitor your email to ensure that if the bank discovers an error in your card application and requests that you correct it, you can.


Why is my application for a Bank of America credit card being reviewed? Now that you’ve discovered the solution, you may relax. Simply wait; you will receive a final call regarding your credit card shortly.

And the next time you apply for a credit card, be sure to include comprehensive and correct information so that there is no room for error on your part.

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