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The London School of Economics and Political Science is one of the greatest universities in the world and has long been a dream education destination for students from all over the world. This University alone has produced 18 Nobel laureates. Thus, it undoubtedly has a strong reputation, and students from all over the world fight for admission to the University. However, the London School of Economics’ admittance rate is low, at 8.9 percent.

This indicates that around 9 out of every 100 applicants get admitted to LSE’s undergraduate programs. However, acceptance rates for master’s, MBA, and other graduate programs are greater. Therefore, let us learn more about the acceptance rate of the London School of Economics and the conditions for overseas students.

Acceptance Rates at the London School of Economics by Course

The London School of Economics and Political Science offers overseas students 40 undergraduate courses and 160 graduate programs. Due to the institute’s renown, it receives thousands of applications each year for various courses. However, due to the restricted number of undergraduate seats, its admission rate for undergraduate courses is roughly 8.9 percent.

However, acceptance rates vary per course. Thus, let us examine the LSE acceptance rate by course:

London School of Economics Acceptance Rate for Undergraduate Courses:

CourseAcceptance Rate
BSc Economics with Economic History4.9%
BSc Government and History5.6%
BSc Government and Economics8.9%
BSc Social Policy and Economics9.7%
BSc Economics and Economic History12%
BSc International Relations and Chinese14%
BSc Accounting and Finance16%
BSc Politics and Economics16%
BSc International Social and Public Policy34%

London School of Economics Acceptance Rate for Post-Graduate Courses:

CourseAcceptance Rate
MSc Management and Regulation of Risk9.9%
MSc Management and Economics10%
MSc Finance and Private Equity12%
MSc Financial Mathematics13%
MSc Statistics14%
MSc Applied Social Data Science15%

London School of Economics PHD Acceptance Rate

CourseAcceptance Rate
MPhil/PhD Gender6.2%
MPhil/PhD International Relations6.2%
MPhil/PhD Law6.2%
MRes Political Science10%
MPhil/PhD Sociology11%
MPhil/PhD Media and Communications12%
MPhil/PhD Philosophy24%
MPhil/PhD Statistics25%
MPhil/PhD Economic Geography34%

What is the MBA Acceptance Rate at the London School of Economics?

The LSE’s MBA admission rate was 76 percent. Yes, you read it correctly; it is 76 percent, which means that 76 out of every 100 candidates will be admitted to LSE’s MBA program. Thus, MBA is the least competitive programme provided by LSE.

Indeed, LSE does not offer the typical MBA but rather offers alternatives to traditional MBA programs. As an alternative to the standard MBA program, LSE offers a worldwide Executive MBA and a Master of Science in Global Executive Management.

What is the Transfer Acceptance Rate at the London School of Economics?

Indeed, determining the acceptance rate of transfer to LSE is problematic since, owing to the competitive nature of the majority of courses, they do not accept transferors and do not guarantee transfer. As a result, it will consider transfer applications only for certain second-year courses, and only under certain circumstances.

Under exceptional circumstances, the school will evaluate candidates for transfer into Year 2 for certain of its programs, but will not accept applications for Year 3.

Applicants who have previously completed one year of study at another institution are also eligible to apply to restart in Year 1.

What is the acceptance rate of international students at the London School of Economics?

For international students, the London School of Economics (LSE) is a popular choice. International students are admitted at a low rate at LSE, particularly in undergraduate programs, but at a slightly greater rate in graduate programs.

Between 2016 and 2020, the admission rate for all types of courses was approximately 25%. It was 27.5 percent in 2016, 23.8 percent in 2017, 30.8 percent in 2018, 28 percent in 2019, and 25.6 percent in 2020.

However, while this percentage may seem reasonable in aggregate, it is extremely low in undergraduate courses. It was 8.9 percent for a number of undergraduate courses.

If we’re being precise, 20,000 students applied to LSE in 2017, and 4,500 were admitted to the program.

Thus, the acceptance rate of overseas students at the London School of Economics must be rather low.

What are the admission requirements for international students at the London School of Economics?

To get admitted to LSE, you must meet certain standards specified by the university. The following are the prerequisites for graduate and postgraduate courses:

International students must meet the following prerequisites for the LSE’s undergraduate program:

  • Academic achievements, transcripts, and grade books Letters of recommendation for academic purposes
  • Letter of Recommendation from Teachers Educational Circumstances Sheet
  • GPA of at least 3.3 on a 4-point scale.
  • English Language Proficiency
  • Students applying to the LAW program must take the LNAT examination.
  • Affirmation of fund accessibility

International students at the LSE must meet the following requirements:

International students applying to LSE’s graduate programs must meet the following prerequisites:

  • To date, all academic certifications have been issued.
  • Application form completed in its whole and non-refundable application fee.
  • Two letters of recommendation are needed of applicants.
  • Academic mission statement.
  • GRE or GMAT scores on a resume
  • In the Bachelorette program, a minimum GPA of 3.3 on a 4-point scale is required.
  • Applicants must submit their applications alone, without the assistance of hired professionals or certification agencies. Assistance from such specialists may result in rejection, revocation, cancellation, and involuntary expulsion from a school.

What proportion of LSE students are international?

LSE has a large number of international students enrolled in a variety of programmes. LSE boasts students from more than 150 countries, which contributes to the University’s distinctive and distinct environment. Around 60% of LSE students are foreign.

When the percentage of foreign students at LSE is broken down, we discover that 53% come from Europe, 32% from Asia, 10% from North America, 3% from South America, 2% from Africa, and 1% from Australia.

Around a hundred different native languages are spoken by LSE students. Notably, LSE has a higher proportion of foreign students than the United Nations.


To summarize, the London School of Economics’ average admission rate for all types of courses was 8.9 percent, demonstrating the intensity of competitiveness among students. Additionally, a student must meet a variety of standards in order to be admitted to university.

If you wish to attend this famous university, you must complete all of the qualifying requirements and wait to be picked as one of the 8.9 percent fortunate students.

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