10 Different Tattoo Styles for Women

Neo Traditional tattoos have a twist, finer lines mixed with bold, more nontraditional colors, and more true to life illustrated qualities create tattoos that have the classic feel with a taste of the new.

Neo Traditional Tattoo Style

 Popular tribal tattoo styles include: Polynesian, Native American, and more. They usually involve elaborate patterns and can range in size from small to entire body tattoos.

Tribal tattoo Style

Watercolor tattoos are very delicate and beautiful looking. With minimal to no outline the colors flow over the skin.

Watercolor tattoo Style

 Blackwork tattoos can range from very simple tattoos to something very complex. Blackwork is a great style if you want a tattoo that will stand out

Blackwork tattoo Style

These stylistic tattoos are great for telling stories in ink. They have a distinct look and use symbolism to show their meaning.

Japanese tattoo style

The Trash Polka tattoo style has gained more popularity recently for its ability to mix these elements and create amazing works of art.

Trash Polka tattoo style

 From simple shape to elaborate patterns, or turning everyday things geometric, this contemporary tattoo style is more versatile than it appears.

Geometric tattoo style

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