5 Bold Predictions for the 2022 NBA Draft

The 2022 NBA Draft is quickly approaching, and I can't wait to find out who will play for the Detroit Pistons in the Las Vegas Summer League. 

The draught isn't here yet, but there are plenty of rumours and mock draughts to go around. 

After consuming as much Large Media Draft Content as I could, I've come up with five wild guesses for Thursday's NBA Draft.

On the one hand, the Sacramento Kings are opposed to making this selection. The conventional guy at 4 is Jared Ivey, but the Kings believe in De'Aaron Fox so much that they haven't picked Luka Doncic and traded 

1. With the 4th Pick in the 2022 NBA Draft

John Collins' name has recently been mentioned as someone who will DEFINITELY be moving on draught night. Collins' career has been hampered by injuries and a rocky relationship with Trae Young.

2. John Collins will be a Trail Blazer, but not for the 7th pick

Every every mock draught on the internet has the Hornets selecting one of those two guys at number 13 or number 15. That's understandable; the Mason Plumlee deal didn't pan out, selecting Nick Richards and Kai Jones didn't pan out (YET. I BELIEVE, KAI)

3. The Hornets don’t take Mark Williams OR Jalen Duren

I’m calling it now: Jerami Grant to the Washington Wizards for a package based around the 10th pick and friend of the program Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

4. Jerami Grant is headed home on Draft Day

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