4 Eating Habits That Tom Cruise Follow at 59?

Tom Cruise looks better than ever. He was just seen on the red carpet for Top Gun: Maverick with Prince William and Kate Middleton.

How has Cruise, 59, hardly aged since 1986's Top Gun? He has some healthy tricks. You can't leap out of a plane or climb a cliff without a tight diet.

Eating Grilled Foods

This actor hates fried food. Cruise eats mostly grilled, low-heat dishes. High-temperature cooking causes persistent tissue inflammation and ageing.

Skipping The Carbs

Cruise no longer eats carbs, so you won't see him eating a big bowl of pasta. The star is currently on a diet with 1,200 calories and no carbs.

Cruise didn't always avoid carbs. The celebrity called himself the "King of Carbonara" after sharing his spaghetti carbonara recipe. Tom Cruise's diet has varied throughout time.

Healthy Snacker

Cruise refuels with healthy snacks on set. The star eats freeze-dried blueberries and nuts throughout the day.

Avoid Sugars

Cruise avoids sugar when filming.
He can't eat sugar, but he can share with others. "I like sugar, but I can't eat it while training and filming, so I send it to everyone," he says.

The actor usually does his own stunts, especially in Top Gun: Maverick. Cruise looks young and has a fit body.

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