7 Airport Foods You Should Never Buy

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Preparing airport snack is last thing on your thoughts before a vacation. Usually, the main considerations are packing the correct clothing, filling out the  documents, and checking  your flight.

There are a few things you should avoid buying and eating at an airport owing to their poor nutritional worth or tendency to make you sick during your travel.

A salad may sound like the perfect airport snack. The salad bar may harbour food-poisoning-causing bacteria.

"Leafy greens, like other vegetables and fruits, can be infected. Leafy greens aren't germ-free after washing. Germs can adhere to and enter leaves. 

If you can, avoid drinking coffee before an early flight. Coffee can produce jitters and make you run to the restroom, which is compounded at 30,000 feet.

Salty meals like French fries and pretzels :
Are bloat-inducing even on the ground. Add a 35,000-foot flight, and you'll be swelled.

Those little yoghurts appear ideal for a fast grab-and-go snack. But watch out for hidden sugar, which isn't ideal before a flight.

We'll destroy another another airport food: sushi.Avoiding "raw or undercooked fish, or meals containing raw or undercooked seafood" Sushi may deliver a double wallop if you bathe it in soy sauce

Now, maybe you should just bring a snack on your next flight.

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