These five places can help you live longer and healthier lives.

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People want to live long, healthy lives and reverse ageing. How to get R&R and longevity?

Diet and exercise are the best ways to support such a trip. Did you know vacation time extends life? Not travelling can harm your health.

Find out more about these amazing places with "fountains of youth" and how you can turn back time.

Sardinia, Italy

This stunning region has history, white-sand beaches, festivals, and great weather. The region is known for its six-month summer season, so you can't go wrong with a vacation here.

Ikaria, Greece

Ikaria's verdant valleys, stunning mountains, and beautiful beaches set the stage for its culture & history. At a local fair, try Ikarian traditional dishes and dance the "Ikariotikos."

Nicoya, Costa Rica

This peninsula is renowned for beach & sunlight vacations. Nicoya  is the world's best surfing place. This destination is popular for  ecotourism. visitors enjoy  birdwatching.

Okinawa, Japan

In this corner of the world, meals feed the mind and body. Okinawans have a close circle of loved ones (their moai) that helps them through tough times (via Time).

Loma Linda, California

 It means "Beautiful Hill" This area has always been healthy and fit. The community is laid-back and cultural.

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