5 Best Kits for Salon Like Manicure at Home

Gel manicures not only last longer, but they may also save us time due to how rapidly the polish sets!

Because the formula is different, gel polish costs more than ordinary nail polish, but the end product may surely justify the expense for many buyers.

Fortunately, you can obtain the same long-lasting, chip-resistant manicure while saving money by embracing your DIY side at home!

Gellen Gel Nail Polish Kit

It's a good package for novices because it includes 12 neutral colours as well as a UV lamp.

FINGER QUEEN Gel Nail Polish Kit

These colours are perfect for all four seasons, so you'll always have nails that match the mood, andg the extra glitter as an alternative for nails that dazzle!

MEFA Gel Nail Polish Kit

Customers say that everything is precisely set out for you, with clear directions that take you through the gel nail experience! If you want a more feminine look, the colour palette is outstanding.

Sally Hansen Salon Pro Gel Starter Kit

You'll get the UV light, base, colour, and top coats, as well as an acetone remover to securely remove your gel colour when it's time to re-do your nails.

JODSONE 32 Colors Gel Nail Polish Kit

There are 32 hues in all, ranging from basic neutrals to warm and cool tints, from which to choose. It's a best-selling collection.

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