Even though drive is important, what you really need is to make habits that will help you stick to your new, healthier lifestyle for longer.

A habit is a recurrent behaviour that forms in 21 days. The more you perform them, the deeper they're stored in your brain.

You may train your brain to view exercise as a habit, like doing the dishes or taking a bath.

Bring a friend!

"You'll both be accountable for one other and feel responsible for showing up and finishing a workout together".


You can trick your brain into thinking about exercise by setting up certain cues. This is something you should keep up for about 20 days to make a link between yourself and exercise.

Reward Yourself

Giving yourself a reward for hard work can help you stay motivated and form good habits.
"A reward can be of any size, but it should be something you want and can work for."

Avoid all-or-nothing Thinking

Too much pressure is why fitness habits fail. "A little exercise is better than nothing, and it's not worth enduring painful exercises that aren't on your level yet."


You can't become in shape overnight,
No matter how long it takes to meet your fitness objectives or what you can't do, don't give up."

Exercise can be difficult because benefits aren't immediate. Weight loss can be frustrating because it's slow and needs commitment.

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