6 benefits of shorter school days

 Many kids (and parents) sometimes feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to squeeze in after-school activities while juggling school schedules and homework.

1. More time to explore hobbies

The traditional school schedule certainly doesn’t help. The CDC recommends that middle and high school start no earlier than 8:30 am, but the vast majority of US schools start at earlier hours.

2. More sleep

With shorter school days, kids can have more time  to de-stress, reflect, and practice mindfulness. And it's so important that they have time to do that!

3. More time to focus on mental health

There’s a limit to how long kids can focus, sit still, and still give their best effort in school. Especially for younger children, sitting at desks or even on the floor for extended periods of time is a challenge. 

4. Increased concentration in class

Again, stating the obvious: kids have vastly different learning needs. And yet most kids spend the majority of their time in large-group learning environments.

5. More opportunities for specific academic support

School closures at the height of COVID-19 were eye-opening for a number of reasons, including how the traditional brick and mortar schooling model cuts into time spent with family.

6. Increased family time 

We (unfortunately) don’t have a crystal ball to know what the future holds for the education world. We do know, however, that we are excited to help kids get back on track and get excited about learning again!

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