6 Simple Exercises You Can Do At Home

One minute of squats: Stand with feet hip-width apart, knees bent, butt back. Repeat 60 times.


Side Lunges

Start with hip-width feet, bent elbows, and chest-level hands. Step your right foot out several feet and bend your right knee 90 degrees


If you're working up to a full push up, get down on all fours, arms straight, hands directly under your shoulders a

Triceps Push-Up

Start with you forearms on floor, palms down, elbows beneath your shoulder, legs extended.

Plank Up

Start in a raised push-up position, hands shoulder-width apart. Bend your left knee and bring it forward, placing the ball of your foot near your left hand, as shown

Mountain Climber

Stand with your elbows bent. Leap sideways with your right leg, bending your right knee as you land and crossing your left leg behind the right

Ice Skater


It would be nice if you had an hour to spend at the gym right now. It would also be nice if keeping up with your fitness routine over the holidays

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