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Coffee is probably, likely, nearly certainly healthy.



It offers several health benefits.

Recent studies show that coffee drinkers have decreased rates of liver illness, neurological diseases, heart disease, and diabetes.

2/ It empowers women economically

Women do up to 70% of the manual work for coffee growing, although they own only 15% of coffee fields and beans. 


4/ Third-wave small batch coffee empowers small-scale farmers

Fair Trade certification ensures small-scale farmers a fair wage for their efforts.

London's first fleet of public buses can run on a combination of diesel and biofuel created from coffee waste, thanks to a biotech business and a large power provider.

mickey gilley

5/ Waste fuels buses

Used grounds from businesses and restaurants are transformed into clean fuel for London buses.



6/ Coffee trash can be used for several purposes.

Coffee waste has several amazing uses. Coffee flour is manufactured from wasted bean husks.

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