8 Ways To Break the Norm at Your Wedding

Opt for a basic white tone or a brightly coloured jumpsuit or romper to defy expectations. Even if you have bridal party members, you can have them wear jumpsuits for the big day!

1. Ditch the Dress, Wear a Jumpsuit!

If you're looking to add a little something extra to your wedding attire, separates are a great option.

2. Wear Mixed Material Separates

Allowing your bridesmaids to select their own dresses is a lovely way to ensure that everyone feels beautiful and comfortable, and it may add dynamic to the look of your wedding party.

3. Let Your Bridesmaids Choose Their Dresses

Wow your wedding guests with a vibe they’ve never seen before by throwing a winter-wonderland wedding! 

4. Get Married In the Snow

Choose matching footwear for you, your spouse, and your best friends so you can dance all night without risking twisted ankles or blisters.

Get Matching Sneakers 

There are a variety of common wedding themes, such as requesting guests to wear white, celebrating a holiday, or having a Halloween-themed wedding.

6. Have a Themed Wedding

If you don’t want anyone to catch on to your secret plan, wear a less formal white dress, and try not to give too many hints away before the big day!

7. Throw a Surprise Wedding at a Courthouse

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