9 fun things to do in Minecraft!

So, if your kids are ready to level up their game (literally), learning more about Java modding is a surefire way to get there. 

1. Explore Java coding

From simply playing with friends, siblings, and others under the same roof to connecting with new friends around the world, a multiplayer adventure will double the fun.

2. Go on a multiplayer adventure

Did you know you can craft a bow and arrow in Minecraft? While the process itself requires its own blog post, here is some info to get you started.

3. Try bow and arrow target practice!

Love adventure mode? Give hardcore mode a try! Maybe try building something elaborate in creative mode. Here is a comprehensive rundown of Minecraft game modes can help your child select their next adventure in the game. 

4.  Explore a new game mode

Why settle for a wooden weapon when you could forge something much cooler? The materials used to create tools can be stone, gold, iron, and diamonds!

5. Create custom weapons to fight mobs

Advanced Minecraft players will enjoy doing this in survival mode, but those who are less experienced will probably enjoy creative mode better. 

6. Hunt the Ender Dragon

For more advanced Minecraft aficionados, experimenting with command blocks introduces a whole new level of the game. (For a complete rundown before you dive in, check out our introduction to Minecraft command blocks!)

7. Create a teleporter with command blocks

Put those together and double the fun with a building contest. Whether it’s recreating Hogwarts, making an amazing pirate ship, or just creating whatever comes to mind in the spur of the moment, a Minecraft building contest makes the sky the limit. 

8. Have a building contest with friends

For more fun with command blocks, changing the weather is a great one to have in your repertoire. For something new on the horizon (literally), give these a shot. 

9. Change the weather

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