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9 Things a Frequent Flier Suggests Before Boarding a Plane



1. Get and Use Your Airline's App

Download your airline's app ahead of time, double-check your reservation information, and then use it to check in.


2. Obtain an airline credit card

Carrying one of these cards can help you save money on luggage and find carry-on space in the overhead bins ahead of the crowd.


3. Establish a Status Strategy

If you want to go for gold (or silver, or platinum) this year, make sure your frequent-flier number is tied to all of your airline reservations.

 Even if you're not flying your typical airlines, chances are the airline you're on is an alliance partner with another you fly frequently. 

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4. Investigate Aircraft Alternatives

Seats and amenities can vary widely, even within a single family of jets in a single airline's fleet. 



8. Liquid lowdown

Liquids must be less than 3.4 ounces (100 millilitres) and in a quart-size see-through bag.

9. Get PreCheck

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