A Viennese hour is a sumptuous after-cake celebration designed to pamper guests.


 Venetian Hour, as the name suggests, has Italian roots. In the past, a wedding reception would have a sumptuous display of sweets in order to provide guests with a wide range of alternatives.

When to Have ?

After the cutting of the wedding cake, a Viennese hour is traditionally held. As the party goes on into the night, it serves as an exquisite display of desserts for guests.

A dessert table is put on display at the starting, although it is usually left unattended until the end of the meal.

While in a Viennese hour it maintains the same notion of sweets on a table, the concept is elevated to a new level.

 Cost of Viennese Hour?

Cost depends on the amount of attendees and how lavish the event is. Viennese hours are all about indulgence and huge displays, so they can add to your sweets budget.

However, a Viennese hour usually includes traditional desserts rather than trendy options like cupcakes or cake pops.

 Set up?

The table d├ęcor is often simple, letting the sweets speak for themselves! Choose a rectangle, a large circular table, or many round tables. Tablecloths and can give texture to the table. Then, fill the table with dessert platters.

Viennese hour is usually self-serve, so make sure your guests have everything they need to fill their plates.

Serve treats that can be eaten in one bite on plates, in paper wrappers, or in cups. Make sure to finish the display by adding tongs, toothpicks, or other serving tools.

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