America's Largest Pizza Chain Is Bringing Back This Major Discount After Two Years

If there's one pizza chain we can rely on to continuously roll out creative promotions and innovative features, it's Domino's. From tipping its customers to handle their own "pizza deliveries" to handing out "surprise frees" 

But this week, Domino's has a special kind of treat—it's bringing back what it calls "boost week," one of the most popular deals to date. 

The company hasn't offered this half-off promotion in more than two years. After all, it reported an astounding 16% increase in overall sales in the early days of the pandemic. 

But this year's first-quarter performance reveals that same-store sales are slipping—largely due to waning demand, shortage of delivery drivers, and inflation.

Enter the 50% discount, a strategy that has helped the chain churn out strong sales for many consecutive years. According to Restaurant Business, Domino's

We haven't done boost weeks in a couple of years. And boost weeks really is what drives new customers into Domino's. That's where the magic happens with our loyalty program and all our digital and analytical capability."

The discount applies to all pizzas at menu price, and is available exclusively online. Customers can place their orders on the official website or through the Domino's app. And if you take advantage, remember to thank your local staff.