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Love Avocado?

One a week will reduce eart disease risk

Avocados are rich in heart-healthy substances. Long-term research links eating two servings of this fruit each week to a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease.

The Nurses' Health Study and the Health Professionals Follow-up study comprised more than 110,000. Most of the participants were Caucasian, 30 to 75 years old, and heart disease and cancer-free.

In 30 yrs, researchers recorded 9,185 attacks and 5,290 strokes. Those who ate at least two avocados per week had a 16% reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and a 21% lower chance of a heart attack.

Hass avocados are the most popular in the U.S. They're rich in heart-healthy fats, fibre, and vitamins.

Oleic acid is there. Half an avocado provides the same amount of oleic acid as a tablespoon of olive oil. 

Fiber. One avocado contains 20% of the daily required fibre consumption, a nutrient commonly deficient in the normal American diet. Fiber-rich diets may reduce heart disease risk by 30%.

 Half an avocado offers 15% of the daily required folate (B9), potassium, and magnesium. All of these nutrients have been related to improved heart health.

There are numerous tasty ways to eat avocado. Avocado toast, sandwiches, and salads are popular.

Some people put avocado in their smoothies, and guacamole is always an option.

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