Best Cities to Travel Alone in US

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Solo travel allows you to take your time and enjoy your favourite destinations. It's prime time for me to nerd out on things I enjoy more than most.

New York

NYC has something for everyone. Perfect for a romantic weekend, girlfriend trip, or solitary travel.

Orlando, Florida

Orlando has great theme parks. Solo visit to Universal Studios' WWoHP was great.
Visit Universal Studios Orlando. So much to see, and the weather is great year-round.

Portland, Oregon

Portland is one of the coolest US cities. Portland is a U.S. city that's simple to tour alone without becoming bored.

San Diego, California

It's safe to go alone in "America's Finest City."
Explore San Diego's beaches, craft brewing sector, and outdoor activities on a solitary weekend.

Washington DC

Washington DC is the place to go if you are a history lover or want to learn more about American history.
Museums and galleries are great for solo travel , you can take your time exploring.

Seattle, Washington

This quirky Pacific Northwest resort is ideal for lovers of music, art, and nature.

Austin, Texas

Austin is a solo traveler's dream.Texas is entertaining and undervalued. I enjoy Austin's festivities.
While summer events are always happening, Austin is a year-round fantasy vacation.

Never solo-traveled? Don't panic! While daunting, it is really worth it.

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