What's the ideal Fourth of July setting? A new study found that fireworks size isn't the only factor.

WalletHub examined the 100 largest U.S. cities for Independence Day 2022 based on weather and beer and wine prices

1. Running

The study's authors used 21 indicators, including average temperature, walkability, traffic congestion, average hamburger cost, fireworks 

2. Aerobic class

Durham, Indianapolis, Fresno, Corpus Christi, Texas, and Milwaukee have the lowest average beer and wine prices.

3. Jumping rope   

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4. Cycling   

Atlanta, Seattle, New York, Miami, and Hialeah, Florida had the highest average price, according to the survey.

5. Speed walking

San Francisco, the finest city for the 2022 Fourth of July, also tied for first in DUI-related deaths per capita. 

6. Swimming         

The study gave San Francisco, among other locations, the highest possible grade for Fourth of July weather

f you decide to travel, keep in mind that fog can sweep in before the fireworks begin.

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