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bridal shower

A bridal shower celebrates the bride-to-be. It's one of the first pre-wedding occasions where friends and relatives from both sides meet, and it's the perfect reason to go fancy. 

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What's a bridal shower?

A bridal shower is traditionally an all-female party for the bride, her friends/bridesmaids, and close female relatives from both sides of the family.

Bridal Shower Planning
1. Set a shower budget.

Before choosing a cuisine or theme, decide on a budget. 


Set a shower date.

Start planning the wedding shower at least four months before the big day.

3. Make an invitation list.

When arranging a bridal shower, who comes next? Ask the bride for a guest list and home addresses.

Choose a shower location.

After deciding on a date and guest quantity, choose a venue.

Select a theme.

Once the bride-to-be has accepted the final guest list, choose a bridal shower theme.



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