How can you get Free Burgers today from Burger King?


National Hamburger Day is May 28. To celebrate, restaurants are offering free and cheap burgers.

Local restaurants, roadside stops, and the country's biggest chains are all taking part.

That list includes Burger King, whose name has the word "burger" right in it. For National Hamburger Day, the Royal chain is giving away free burgers.

Have you ever been hungry at lunch and tried to find a burger but couldn't?

Things are tough out there. You start to wonder if anyone in this city even knows how to make burgers.

This Saturday is National Hamburger Day, so thank Zeus. Where would you ever get a burger if that wasn't the case?

If you are a member of the chain's loyalty programme, Royal Perks, you can get a free hamburger on May 28 or 29 if you spend at least $1.

On National Hamburger Day, you'll find lots of deals like this.

There are some more tempting burgers out there, but this deal isn't bad if you want your Burger Day goodies handed to you through a window.

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