66% of working parents burnt out- A STUDY REVEALED


The continuous COVID-19 epidemic has made raising children extremely tough, from faraway schools to financial uncertainties. Parents are becoming increasingly exhausted.

According to a study, 66% of working parents fulfil the criteria for parental burnout, which happens when a parent's capacity to function and manage is overwhelmed by persistent stress and tiredness.

An online poll of 1,285 working parents was undertaken between January and April 2021, including comments from families across the country amid major public health lockdowns.

The authors of the research stressed that today's parents who are dealing with burnout are far from alone.

'Parental exhaustion.'
'It's it,' I thought when I heard that. That's how I'm feeling,'"  , Kate Gawlik, associate professor at Ohio State's College of Nursing, co-author of the paper, and mother of 4, said.

Burnout isn't a medical problem. Burnout is now officially recognised as a "syndrome" and "occupational phenomena" with health implications.

Researchers found that working parents are more vulnerable to parental burnout because they must balance several pressures at work and at home.

"There's simply so much thrown at you when you have to perform all of that in a pandemic, it's almost like burnout is unavoidable."

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