Cruel Reality of Michael Jackson’s Neverland Zoo Revealed in New Documentary

“In the video for Earth Song, Michael Jackson brings culled elephants back to life in the Serengeti

 he revives the elephants, and their tusks grow back,” documentary producer Johnny McDevitt said. 

“About a year before that, he’d bought two elephants, Ali and Baba, sourced from a convicted drug dealer and animal torturer in South Africa.

They’d witnessed their herd being culled, the guy had used a bullhook – an instrument of torture – deprived them of water and food, and beaten

them into submission so they could be sent across the world to Jackson’s ranch.” McDevitt paused. “This is not consistent with the way he depicted himself as an animal lover.”

Footage from Neverland leaked that showed a trainer beating an elephant with a bullhook for seven minutes.

“It was a very difficult conversation until we showed him the footage and pictures of the elephants in shackles in Neverland,” McDevitt said. 

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