Cycling or jogging to lose weight?

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Did your friend lose a lot of weight by running , inspiring you? Or is it your other friend who has toned legs from daily riding and you desire the same? 

which is better for weight loss?

Calorie Burn

Both burn calories depending on intensity and duration. Running may help you lose weight faster than riding because it burns more calories per hour.


Doctor of suggests cycling for overweight, heart attack or high blood pressure patients. Running is a high-impact workout, thus overuse injuries are more likely than with cycling. 


For Running - You might only need a pair of running shoes.
 For Cycling- Beginners can borrow or rent a bike before buying one. You may also buy a used bike online.

What does it say on the scale?

Running burns more calories than bike and may speed up weight loss. Cycling, on other hand, is easier on the joints, so you can  workout for longer and burn overall fat.

A 2013 study linked running to weight loss, and a 2019 review supported indoor cycling and healthy diet for weight loss.

What to Choose?

You must do something you enjoy consistently. It's great to try both and see what works. Both cycling and running can help you stay fit and healthy.

Choose the activity that fits your health needs and way of life the best, or do both for a more varied workout routine.

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