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 Delta is altering the rule of paying Flight Attendants

Delta Air Lines, which has narrowly avoided multiple efforts to unionise its flight attendants, will begin paying cabin employees during boarding, a first for a major U.S. airline and a move that is projected to boost their income by several thousand dollars per year.

Delta has announced that the change will take effect on June 2nd for all flights. The airline claimed the higher compensation "further reflects how vital your job is on board to ensuring a welcome, safe, and on-time start to each trip" in a message to flight attendants.

It's a significant shift for American airlines, which traditionally pay flight attendants after all customers have been seated and the plane's doors have closed.

During boarding, one will be paid at half of their usual rate.
Delta wants to lengthen the boarding time for single-aisle or "narrow-body" planes from 35 minutes to 40 minutes, which the airline hopes would result in a higher percentage of flights departing on time.

Delta's pilots are represented by a union, but multiple attempts to organise flight attendants have failed due to the Atlanta-based company's vehement hostility.
The boarding money was credited to the Association of Flight Attendants, which has been planning an organising drive at Delta for more than two years.

The union stated, "This new policy is the direct outcome of our organising." "Management is growing worried as we approach closer to filing for our union vote."

Delta was also reacting to staff dissatisfaction with the extended boarding periods, during which flight attendants are now not paid, according to the union.

Delta stated that the higher boarding compensation will be in addition to the 4% increases given to flight attendants last month.

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