DeMar DeRozan Has A Message For Bulls Fans

The Milwaukee Bucks demolished the Chicago Bulls in the playoffs, taking just five games to do so.

When all of the Bulls' playmakers are healthy, they are far more effective than they are when they are missing.

DeRozan appears ecstatic with the team's current situation. It was clear to DeRozan upon speaking to a member of the Bulls' social media team that this squad is poised for greatness in the upcoming season.

"I'm confident that we'll be even better when we return next year." No doubt about it, DeRozan stated.

“I can assure we’re gonna come back even better next year. Without a doubt.”

The Bulls may struggle to pull this off since LaVine may not return.

They could find themselves in an extremely precarious position without him if he doesn't agree to a new contract in Chicago.

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