Draymond turns life inside-out in obsession of NBA titles

Draymond Green's response to a seemingly innocuous inquiry about his postseason routine on Thursday turned into a three-minute revelation of his springtime passion.

When asked what he did to "get away" from such a high-intensity atmosphere, to "calm out," Green launched into his response before the question was finished.

"I don't run away from it," he admitted. "Every day of the playoffs, I live there." So, much more than physically fatigued, I'll be emotionally and intellectually drained after the playoffs.

Because I make no attempt to avoid it. I might take a day in the playoffs once in a while to say, 'OK, I'm going to try to get away from it.' But you have to live it. 

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"If you want to win a championship, you have to put all you've got into it." As a result, I don't really get away from it."

There was conviction in every statement, which explains so much about Postseason Draymond, who was last seen Wednesday night when the Warriors

Draymond is running at every opportunity and pushing the pace in transition, even if it means leaving younger, more inexperienced teammates behind.

Draymond racing out to defend three or four different Mavericks while being aware of the rest of the court. Draymond is yelling, bellowing, gesticulating, and acting as if every moment is critical.


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