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Coffee Isn't as Bad as You Think As if you needed another excuse to indulge.

Nothing beats a hot cup of coffee in the morning.

end their days with the centuries-old psychotropic beverage

People all throughout the world begin

whether purchased locally, produced at home, or snatched from a little cart someplace.

1/ It offers several health advantages.

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Like They Can

For starters, coffee is nearly certainly, if not absolutely, good for you. Years ago, studies revealed that drinking coffee on a daily basis was unhealthy, alarming almost everyone globally.

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2/ It contributes to women's economic empowerment.

Women perform up to 70% of the manual work for coffee growing worldwide, although owning just 15% of coffee plantations and traded beans.

3/ It also strengthens indigenous communities.

One corporation in Alaska is forging forward with a goal to strengthen indigenous cultures via coffee. 

4/ Third-wave small batch coffee gives small-scale growers more leverage.


With the emergence of Fair Trade coffee certification, small-scale farmers at the core of coffee production may now be assured of a fair compensation for their labour. 

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