Prunes Have Surprising Health Benefits, According to a Dietitian

A recent study out of Pennsylvania State University found that eating prunes every day decreased hip bone loss.

You might be able to help prevent bone loss.

This should come as no surprise, as prunes are a common go-to food for those seeking natural constipation relief.

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You may have digestive benefits.

Just 5 to 6 prunes per day may help to raise HDL "good" cholesterol, reduce inflammation, and boost antioxidant activity.

heart health benefits.

Despite the fact that most fruits include natural sugars, consuming these healthy foods has been related to weight loss, because to the fibre they contain, which has a satiating impact.

You may feel full longer.

blood sugar control.

Because of their lower glycemic index and fibre content, prunes are more likely to result in a more steady blood glucose response after consumption.

You may feel gassy.

If you are not used to consuming sorbitol-containing foods, such as prunes, you may feel gassy and bloated if you consume them on a daily basis.

We can't say for sure whether persons who eat the recommended 5 to 6 prunes per day would feel gas.

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