Everything About Cancer Moon

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The Moon's position in your birth chart is significant for astrological analysis. Unlike your Sun sign, your Moon sign displays your true self after the "honeymoon phase"

Some astrologers claim your Moon sign reveals your deepest wants and how you feel seen in relationships.

If you were born when the Moon was in the zodiac sign of Cancer, you are one lucky baby. Since you are a Cancer, the only sign that the Moon rules, you have a special connection.

The Moon stimulates your inner life, which explains emotional ups and downs. Part of integrating your Moon sign is accepting your moodiness.

Astrologically, you're on top of the world when the Moon is happy. When the Moon is having a bad day, so are you, so rest and practise self-care.

Cancer Moons are long-term lovers. One-night stands and flash romances bore you. You're selective about who you connect with on a soul level.

 You want a family, whatever that means to you, and you're not afraid to lay down your cards when you meet someone who fits your "ideal" plan.

Your non-negotiables include success and stability. Cancer is a tough Moon sign. Your nurturing and giving are mutual.

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