Five things to watch for in next year’s ‘climate’ Farm Bill


Happy people schedule regular exercise and follow through on it because they know it pays huge dividends for their mood.

Progressive and conservative activists told The Hill the 2023 Farm Bill will emphasise climate change and sustainability.

Congress' methane plan
As American beef production expands, so are emissions of methane, a potent greenhouse gas that's dozens of times more powerful than carbon dioxide.


Environmentalists call this misguided.
Marty Rifkin of the Center for Biological Diversity told The Hill that thriving methane markets will lead to more methane.


Reform conservation easements?
The $1.2 billion in USDA conservation award efforts including the Conservation Stewardship Program and the Environmental Quality Incentive Program might reduce greenhouse gases, protect land, or store carbon.

By Ryan Brookes

What crops and farms are subsidisedMost American food financing goes to industrial precursors like corn and soy, used for processed foods, animal feed, and biofuels.?

Life’s Little Pleasures

What types of crops, and farms, will get subsidies?
Frerick said this has political repercussions. Healthy food costs more while junk food costs less.

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