Get Work-Ready Outfits Now!

Worried about what to dress to work? We've got a few basic wardrobe ideas to help you start experimenting!

Pant & A Tee

What? So easy? Yes! If you're most comfortable in trousers and a tee, that's all you need. Make this outfit more fascinating by wearing wide-leg pants, which are now fashionable.

Wrap Dresses

Why is a wrap dress perfect for the office? Of course, it's adjustable. Wrap dresses, like wide-leg slacks, are comfy to wear all day, whether at a desk, in a boardroom, or doing errands

Layered Business Casual

Layering a button-up shirt with a breezy cami or a fancy top with a comfortable cardigan adds intrigue to plain things.

Figuring out what shoes to wear to the workplace is maybe the most difficult part of getting dressed for work, but there’s no excuse to overthink this portion!

Ask yourself two questions before deciding on your office shoes:
Will I walk or stand more today?
Do I want to make a statement or stick to tradition?

Easy! Wear attractive and comfortable mules or low heels if you'll be sitting a lot.

Wear supportive footwear like sneakers or ankle boots if you'll be on your feet a lot.

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