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Anyone familiar with a hockey club anywhere in the globe would know that hockey can be played at almost any age. 

 While it is a physically demanding sport, because it is based on ability as much as athleticism, it may be played competitively into one's 50s.

While a seven-year-old starting out in the sport may not think about this facet of the game, their parents should.

Is a great workout 

Campers Feel
Like They Can

Because of the game's start-stop aspect, where rapid bursts of running are broken up by times of rest, you get even more cardiac advantages. High intensity interval training, which involves alternating periods of intensive exercise with periods of rest, will help you burn more calories.

Camping Helps 

Increases physical strength

Field hockey also provides a strength-training workout, with the core and leg muscles in particular being improved. The sport can result in increased physical strength as well as improved athletic performance.

Enhances coordination and balance.

Quick reflexes are required during game play. Field hockey players must pass and receive a fast-moving ball across the field. Practicing these abilities can enhance general balance and agility, as well as hand-eye coordination.

Encourages weight loss


Field hockey aids in the reduction of extra body fat. The game's quick speed necessitates brief bursts of energy, which helps burn calories and raise your metabolism. Each participant expends around 0.061 calories per pound each minute.

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