It seems that people are going on honeymoons without their spouses.

You've planned, walked, and spoken vows together. Now, go on separate honeymoons.

According to the article, solo honeymoons are trending. The practise is so trendy, it has two nicknames: "solomoons" and "unimoons."

Irene O'Brien, who just married Mel Maclaine, told the Times, "Neither of us wanted to be where the other was."

"We each returned to Dublin full of stories, buzzing from our excursions, and pleased to see each other: it was the perfect imperfect honeymoon."

According to Jessica Carbino, an online dating specialist and sociologist for Bumble, marriage is shifting.

She told the Times, "Frankly, the idea of separate honeymoons may show that marriage is still changing."

Given that marriage and partnership are all-consuming for most couples today, with the partner needing to fulfil every function (physical, spiritual, emotional, and sexual),

separate vacations may be an acknowledgment among some couples that all expectations cannot be met by a single person.

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