A Very SF Horoscope: Gemini season and the most powerful Mercury Retrograde of the year

With the sun in your sign, even a troubled governing planet can't rain on your parade. Mercury retrograde in Gemini means double-checking event flier info and acronyms. 


 But as the planet of communication slips back into Taurus you’ll need to trust your intuition more than your eyes and news feeds to get through the tense moment. 

Mercury's retrograde urges you to recall the past during Gemini season. Jupiter in Aries calls for a spectacular excursion, but you may have to oversee a project.


Jupiter will be here for almost a year, so exotic holidays are in your future. For now, networking with creative trailblazers and understanding what got you here is its own adventure.

Mercury, your ruling planet, retrogrades through your career zone while Jupiter slams into your shared resources zone. These two powerful planets activate your ambition. 


Virgo knows "serving body" is as vital as servicing contracts. An all-female DJ lineup on June 4 gives earthly sensuous delights to help you assimilate this retrograde's lessons and celebrate your money moves.

As the sun in Gemini warms your ninth house of travel, expansion, and higher learning, you may crave adventure or a new business that honours your gift of gab.


Mercury Retrograde complicates travel and technology, yet it might help you broaden your thoughts beyond plane tickets and standard schedules. 

Gemini season rules your eighth house, which seeks privacy. Listening to strangers' secrets and stories is your jam and helps you process deeper.


Mercury's retrograde invites you to analyse contracts and promises made and received during Gemini season. When Mars enters Aries in late May, work may pile up, but before you add more, examine

The planets are spelling out this year's Pride theme #lovewillkeepustogether. Gemini's new moon begins a six-month chapter for partnerships, as the sun heats up romance.


 Venus in Aries is in your fifth house of desire. You're eager to celebrate love in all ways, especially if it comes with bubbly. Love is the thread in the wonderful tapestry that is your life right now.

This month's planets favour health, family, and sincere feelings. Mercury's retrograde helps you make sure no one or thing is wasted.


Oakland's Top Chef David Tu takes his family's delicacies to Farming Hope's restaurant. Your ticket supports food security programmes and work training apprenticeships for SF residents overcoming homelessness and jail. 

Gemini season frames your fifth house of creativity and calls for a month of self-expression. 


New love and/or creative endeavours bloom around the Gemini new moon and are fully realised by December. Sketchboard's regular live figure sketching nights celebrate all bodies and gender expressions.

As Gemini season reaches your home fourth house, you feel a bit paradoxical. You may wish to conclude a party before people arrive.


 Venus in hot Aries lights hearths in your security-seeking second house, which regulates sensuality and connection. Gemini season encourages living beyond binaries. 

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