How Many Hours Of Sleep Do Middle-Aged People Require?

Getting adequate sleep is critical for appropriate cognitive performance and psychological well-being.

However, as we become older, we typically have trouble falling and staying asleep.

You might now be curious in the optimal amount of sleep for folks in their forties and fifties.

According to academics from the University of Cambridge and Fudan University, persons in their middle age and above need seven hours of sleep every night.

In a research published on April 28 in Nature Aging, they found that getting too little or too much sleep might impact cognitive function and mental health.

What happens if you sleep for longer or for shorter periods of time?

When people sleep for longer or shorter periods of time, they have greater anxiety and depression symptoms and have a lower overall health, according to a study.

How a lack of sleep contributes to cognitive deterioration?

The disturbance of slow-wave — 'deep' sleep, according to the researchers, might be one reason for the link between inadequate sleep and cognitive deterioration.

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