Your body works overtime while you sleep. Resting, sure, but also healing and restoring so you wake up refreshed.

Your sleep position may affect your digestive system's health.

"When we sleep, our autonomic nervous system enters the rest-and-digest phase, shutting off the fight-or-flight response.

There isn't enough evidence to say if sleeping on your stomach is good for your tummy, but experts warn it could harm your digestive tract.

Because sleeping on your stomach puts pressure on its organs, acid juices may squeeze out of the stomach (up into the oesophagus), making sleep uncomfortable.

A lot of other things can go wrong if you sleep on your stomach.

For example, sleeping on your stomach puts more pressure on your spine and twists your neck out of place, neither of which is comfortable.

More research is needed to determine if resting on your stomach is good for your digestion.

If you discover a link between your sleep habits and digestive health, consult a doctor.

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