There is a'momentum' towards eliminating annual scholarship limits in football.

College football coaches are urging the NCAA to amend its regulations in order to assist stable rosters decimated by transfers.

The ideas would increase the annual cap on the number of players a school can sign and set specific times during which a player must join the transfer portal and preserve instant eligibility.

The improvements appear to be acquiring "momentum" among supporters.

After a meeting of the group's board of directors, Todd Berry, the executive director of the American Football Coaches Association, said the reforms will help bring some order to what has become a chaotic moment in college football.

The coaches' proposal would eliminate the present restriction of 25 athletes per school every year.

Those players might be freshmen or transfers from another institution. The overall scholarship cap of 85 students will be maintained.

The issue, according to Berry, is that if just 25 scholarship players may be signed in a single year, a significant number of players moving out can leave teams considerably short of 85 scholarship players.

According to the NCAA, 1,427 FBS football players entered their names in the transfer portal in 2021, up from 896 in 2020.

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