This Coca Cola Drink will be Discontinued Soon!

Some popular grocery store snacks and treats are coming back, but another Coca-Cola beverage is going away.

The company just informed fans of its HONEST line that the bottled tea will be discontinued by 2022.

The drink comes in flavours like Half Tea and Half Lemonade, Honey Green Tea, Peach Tea, Pomegranate Blue, and more.

But soon, HONEST Kids will take their place on grocery store shelves.

Coca-juice-box-style Cola's drink brand is rising swiftly, while the original has suffered tough sales and limited glass.

Ready-to-drink Gold Peak, Peace Tea, and HONEST Kids will stay part of the company.

Gold Peak and Peace Tea enjoyed increased sales during the COVID-19 outbreak because they target health-conscious buyers and feature "multi-serve" packaging. HONEST sells single-serve bottles.

We're unable to meet consumer demand for Gold Peak due to ongoing supply chain problems, said Sabrina Tandon, group director, RTD Tea, . This, among other things, influenced the choice.

Tandon said they don't expect much consumer loss because many HONEST Tea enthusiasts buy Gold Peak. 

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