Are you into a Toxic Relationship?

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Healthy relationships just work. You may argue or encounter other roadblocks, but you normally make choices together, discuss concerns honestly, and enjoy each other's presence.

Toxic relationships are a problem. In a toxic relationship, you may feel tired or sad after seeing your spouse.

In a toxic relationship, it's not always simple to spot the warning signs. You may recognise these indicators in yourself, your spouse, or the relationship.

1. Lack of support
You don't feel supported or encouraged, and you can't rely on them. Instead, you may get the feeling they simply care about what they want.

2.Toxic communication
Do you make snarky remarks to your friends or family? When they're not around, you could parody what they said. You may avoid their calls to avoid disputes and animosity.

3. JealousyEnvy can become a problem if it prevents you from celebrating your partner's triumphs.

4. Self-control
These actions might come from jealously, lack of trust, or a craving for control, all of which lead to relationship toxicity.

Grudges erode closeness."Over time, dissatisfaction or resentment can widen a rift,"

You routinely lie about your whereabouts or who you meet, either to avoid your spouse or because you're afraid of their reaction if you're honest.

Toxic relationships aren't necessarily doomed, as many believe.
Why? Both partners must change.

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