The Most Expensive Place to Live in the United States Might Astound You

Despite being known as "The Sunshine State," the situation in Florida is anything but sunny for tenants and potential homebuyers.

According to a recent research from CBS MoneyWatch, Florida is the "least inexpensive area to live in the United States."

According to prior reports, Miami is the least cheap city, with rent costs comparable to those in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The site also stated that rent increase for 0-2 bedroom apartments in the United States hit double digits for the seventh month in a row in February 2022.

Orlando, Tampa, and Jacksonville, according to the same survey, had some of the fastest-growing rents in the country over the last year, with an average increase rate of 22.5 percent.

 As cities such as New York and Los Angeles become more expensive, locations such as the Sun Belt have experienced a surge in new people.

According to a state assessment released in May 2021, Florida is expected to acquire an average of 845 inhabitants every day from now until 2025.

Florida's stated restriction on rent control, which may help individuals who can't keep up with growing prices, is one of the factors discouraging lower-paid citizens from staying.

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