A dietitian says that eating lemon has some surprising side effects.

Because of its acidic taste, you don't usually eat a lemon slice. Lemon water, freshly squeezed lemonade, and lemon food ideas are other methods to add lemon to your diet without the puckering.

Lemon in moderation can enhance your health. Examine the beneficial and negative effects of lemons on the body.

Vitamin C is an essential element that supports different cellular activities, according to Nutrients.
Lemons include vitamin C, which boosts immunological function.

"Lemons' citric acid affects urine pH, reducing kidney stone risk."Citrate is found in lemons. This binds calcium, preventing stone formation.

Lemons contain the flavonoid hesperidin.  It improves blood vessel function, reducing inflammation and maintaining appropriate blood pressure.

Lemon juice is acidic but has several benefits. Over time, it can cause tooth decay.

Tooth erosion is the chemical process by which mineralized parts of teeth are lost. It's caused by acids that don't come from oral bacteria, like those in citrus fruits.

Yellow in colour, this fruit is full of life and can be found hanging from trees at any time of the year.

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