Allison Gousha, Kroger Kentucky Derby Coordinator, is responsible with creating one of the world's most prominent floral arrangements, carrying on a decades-old tradition.

"This is the most wonderful trophy somebody can receive for any athletic event," Gousha tells Spectrum News 1.

These eye-catching iridescent shades are a must-have accessory for any festival-wardrobe. goer's

Only a few hundred freedom roses from Colombian farmers will make the cut to become a trademark of the Kentucky Derby: The Garland of Roses.

 Oversized brown tortoiseshell shades give the same sexy glam vibe as the reflective shield shades but fall a little more on the classic side. 

According to Kroger's long-time Derby event planner, an assembly team manually inspects the roses before selecting around 460 of the most exquisite blooms.

"We'll go over each one, and we're really looking for the beautiful rose with the very great centre, almost like a quarter can just spin all the way down to the centre of the rose's tip," Gousha adds.

The original cat-eye design is retained, but the micro versions are smaller and more angular to match today's futuristic fashions.

She claims that each rose is sewed into the garland individually, with concealed vials of water to keep the blooms fresh.

Rimless sunglasses are sleek, seamless, and float in the air. These aviators are rimless, mirrored, and enormous.

"I feel like I look at roses differently today, or lilies and foliage differently," Gousha remarked.

These wide frames are big, bold, and cheerful, giving us total Summer of Love vibes! Understated enough to be worn on a daily basis, you can also wear these to round out a festival or concert outfit.

The garland measures 122 inches long and weighs around 40 pounds.

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