Megan Fox reveals what the general public gets wrong about her

Megan Fox discussed her "serious eating condition" in a recent interview.

actress talked about how hard it was for her to love herself and like how she looked.

I was born "bright, sunny, and joyful." "However, I went through childhood trauma and developed an eating disorder and manic depression, so there was chemical imbalance." she said.

Fox, 35, attributed her personal struggle to her 2009 role "Jennifer's Body," telling the magazine, "As I got into my 20s, a woman scorned devil sprung out in me... 

"That's what you see in Jennifer [of 'Jennifer's Body'] — that vicious streak," she remarked.

"I had always known that I was brilliant, so it felt bizarre to have that one thing taken away from me now that I'm famous," Fox said.

"Growing up, my sole strength was being clever. Being attractive or popular never connected with me; I was neither "elucidated

"All the other reasons people remember me are things I don't believe in, so losing the one thing I do believe in has been difficult."

Currently, though, she has a guy who actually understands her: Machine Gun Kelly. Fox stated that their love is "so karmic that our spirit and souls are entwined on a higher dimension."

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