Migrane Attack: Surprising Symptoms

People often don't know they've had a migraine attack because the symptoms aren't always so clear.

Dr. Andrew Blumenfeld, a double board-certified neurologist and psychiatrist in San Diego, said that only half of the 40 million Americans who have migraines actually get a diagnosis.

Some symptoms are easy to spot, like changes in vision, sensitivity to light, and, of course, a headache that won't go away.

But when you have a migraine, parts of your brain stop working even before the pain starts. This can make other parts of your body hurt. This is why symptoms can seem unrelated.

Confusion, Brain Fog Or Loss Of Speech If you've ever lost your ability to express yourself or forgotten what you were saying mid-sentence, you may have a migraine.

Blumenfeld said many vertigo patients have migraines. “Many of these patients have migraines,” he said.

Fatigue/Tired? Possibly migraines. Chronic migraines cause both pre- and post-attack fatigue.

Anxiety/depressionAnxiety and depression are genetically linked to migraines.

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