Seven out of ten people sleep better when their pet is in bed with them.

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If letting your pet sleep on your bed seems like a luxury, you might want to get closer.

People who share a bed with their pets may be able to get a better night's sleep, according to new research.

A survey of 2,000 pet owners in the United States found that seven out of ten think they sleep better when their pet is in bed with them at night.

47% of pet owners find it easier to fall asleep with their pet next to them, and 42% feel more safe. 43% prefer pets as "white noise"

National Pet Month in May will honour pets even more than usual.

In fact, study, By OnePoll, confirmed that most people (nearly 80%) treat their pets like people, and 66 percent let their animal family members sleep on their bed with them.

54% of pet owners allow their pets in bed because they're family, while 58% of those in partnerships prefer their pets to their partners.

As Revealed, co-sleeping  Gives sense of security & help. individual & their pets – settle in better for bedtime; nevertheless, many people sleeping with their pets endure disrupted nocturnal sleep 

 and thus may be losing overall sleep quality and some of the more physical benefits acquired from a night of excellent sleep.

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