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New study reveals the workout that outperforms HIIT for heart health.

When done properly, Nordic walking trains 80% to 90% of your muscles, while walking and running only activate 40%.

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Deltoids, pectorals, upper abdominals, forearm flexors, subscapularis, triceps, and external obliques are also employed.

Using these extra muscles increases calorie burn by 20% compared to conventional walking, a research found.

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130 patients in Reed's 12-week trial performed either 60 minutes of Nordic walking on an indoor track,

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60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous continuous exercise, or a 45-minute HIIT session

After the training programme and 14 weeks post-regimen

 subjects underwent two 6-minute walk tests to determine functional ability.

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All exercise routines increased patients' sadness and quality of life

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but Nordic walking improved functional ability the most, researchers found.

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