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If you work the night shift, it might be better for your health to eat your meals during the day.

People who worked night shifts for 14 days and ate certain meals at night had increased blood sugar levels, thereby increasing their risk of diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

Science Advances published the study online on December 3, 2021. Nineteen young people were asked to follow a lab protocol that simulated working the night shift.

As is common for people who work the night shift, half of the group ate some of their meals during the day and some at night.

The meals for the other group were all eaten during the day. The researchers found that the blood sugar levels of people who ate at night went up by an average of 6.4% from where they started.

Blood sugar did not rise much in the people who only ate during the day.

This study shows that night shift workers might be able to avoid some of the health risks that come with their jobs by changing when they eat.

But more research needs to be done to learn more about the results.

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