Foods the Oldest Woman in America Eats Every Day to Live Until 114

As severe diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and a wide range of malignancies are so prevalent in the United States, this isn't surprising in most circumstances.

There are certain people in our country who have defied the odds and survived for more than a century, despite the high danger of diseases like these in our country

The oldest person in the United States is currently 114 years old! Bessie Hendricks was born on November 7, 1907, in Lake City, Iowa, making her the 14th-oldest person in the world.

There are several mysteries about the longevity of Bessie Hendricks. What are her daily routines that have allowed her to live to be over a century old?

Yogurt, honey, fruit and nuts – Crete and Ikaria, Greece

Eggs, sourdough bread, olive oil – Crete and Ikaria, Greece

Miso soup, seaweed, natto, and fresh produce – Okinawa, Japan

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